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Ultrasonic Pest Control: Use Your Discretion before Buying One

There are a lot of gadgets available to people interested in controlling as well as eliminating pests in a safe and easy way. Ultrasonic pest control devices are available through mail order companies, home shopping cable channels as well as through other means including the internet and gardening magazines. Some people even buy ultrasonic pest control devices as gifts for others.

High-Frequency Waves to Keep Pests Away

Ultrasonic pest control devices use ultra-high frequency sound waves that will keep birds, bats, arthropod pests and rodents away from the home. You can plug these ultrasonic pest control devices into an electrical outlet though you can even find a battery-operated model such as a flea-repellant collar, or pocket-sized cards for lovers of the outdoors to use when they are outside the home and wish to repel mosquitoes.

There has been a certain amount of research conducted on how effective the ultrasonic pest control device is and results show that they are less than 100 per cent effective in repelling or eliminating pests from homes. There have also been charges leveled against some companies that make false claims in their advertisements by the Federal Trade Commission which required these companies to refund customers the amount they paid for such devices.

There is no doubting the fact that ultrasonic pest control devices have been around for some time and you will naturally expect that they will effectively keep pests at bay. However, it seems that when these devices are tested that there are a number of shortcomings such as sounds not carrying far and most of the energy dissipates beyond 15 feet and none are available at 30 feet.

Shadow Problems

The disadvantage of using ultrasonic pest control devices is also noticeable when any object comes in between the sound and pest which would thus effectively block the sound and produce a “shadow”, which together with loss of energy would not make them at all suitable in real world conditions. This is especially important because most insects and mice are adept at hiding behind objects thus making the ultrasonic pest control devices rather ineffective.

In spite of these shortcomings, the more ingenious makers of ultrasonic pest control devices have come up with models that require putting metal rods into the ground which are connected with wire and attached to the device itself. These are supposed to make vibrations that are sent out from the rods via the ground and up into the plants to keep insects as well as rodents at bay. Still, doubts persist about the efficacy of such devices and so you should use your discretion before buying one.

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