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Sonic Pest Control: A Way to Humanely Keep Pests Away

No doubt, most pests are small in size but they can cause huge problems and you would certainly need an item such as a sonic pest control device to get rid of them. The problem is that no matter how many you kill there will always be many more to take up the lost cause of their departed fellow pests. This means that you will need to do something drastic so that pests are not only eliminated, but also kept away. It may be easier said than done, but it still requires a solution.

Irritating Noises Help Keep Pests Away

Sonic pest control devices in the garden can create very irritating noises that will keep the rodents away. Such devices emit very subtle noises which generally will not upset humans, or even your pet dog. Sonic Molechaser from Molechasers International is a popular choice and a small model can keep you free from pests in an area of approximately 1000 square meters while larger models can keep about 1250 meters free of pests.

You can even find a sonic pest control model that is powered by solar panels, which will save on batteries though it will still be a bit more visible than other models. You can find a number of sonic pest control devices and one that seems to be pretty effective is the Victor Heavy Duty Sonic PestChaser which is purportedly the most powerful sonic pest control device available. It is supposed to have twice the power output of your normal ultrasonic pest control unit and is ideally suited for use in a room of average size.

This sonic pest control device can also be used in a kitchen, garage, and attic as well as in the basement, and with a long enough electrical cord, can be conveniently placed providing effective control as a mouse and rat repellant. They are also most suitable where poison use is not recommended, or even prohibited.

The sonic pest control technology gives users the advantage of discrete coverage and its sophistication of technology gives the user high-low sound complexity. The high frequency sound waves that such a device emits will create a hostile atmospheres in the environment in which it is placed thereby repelling rodents. They are also extremely light on electricity consumption using less than one cent of electricity daily while providing years of useful operation.

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