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Growing Organic Plants Indoors

Did you know that you can easily grow many organic plants indoors? From herbs to flowers, there are several plants that grow extremely well indoors, and the best part about growing your organic plants out of the elements is that they will resist pests much easier, and you can grow year round.

Bringing Outdoor Plants Inside

If your organic plants are currently growing outdoors, you can bring them inside, providing you do it properly. First, you will want to pick robust plants; you should know after the end of the spring and summer growing seasons which plants fit this description. Take these plants, and dig them up before the first frost hits. Dig deeply down into the dirt to make sure you get the entire root of your organic plants. Immediately plant them in your plant with fresh, new potting soil. The root ball should have around two inches of dirt around it in the pot. Make sure there are no insects. If you find any, you can treat organic plants by spraying them with soapy water. After this, water the plants thoroughly.

Now, before you bring the plants inside, you have to keep them from hardening off. Start by placing them somewhere outdoors where they will not receive much direct sunlight. Keep them watered and pruned; do this for a week to accustom your organic plants to their indoor light conditions.

Now, bring your organic plants indoors. Remember that they will need five hours of sunlight. If you cannot keep them in the sun, a fluorescent light that hangs six inches above the plant and left on while you are awake, around fourteen hours, does the job of providing light perfectly. Do not let the temperature indoors go lower than 60 degrees. Your organic plants will not do well if they get too cold. Also, keep them moist by placing their pots in water and gravel trays. Finally, keep them away from cold drafts.

Keeping Organic Plants Indoors All Year

You can keep organic plants indoors throughout the entire year. The key is to duplicate the outdoor environment as much as possible. Remember that your organic herbs are going to enjoy a humid environment. Like when you bring the outdoor plants indoors, remember to set the pots in trays of gravel and water. This keeps the soil from becoming too damp, and allows the plant to have the moisture that it needs. Keep the plants watered, without drowning them. Finally, make sure that they get plenty of light. If you follow these plants, organic plants will grow well indoors.

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Gardening Tip #4

If you’re in the north and also having perennial Rye grass, then you ought to be very careful not to leave your grass wet at night. A dreadful fungus called Pythium Blight may take its upper hand, if you leave your lawn wet in the night because this fungus love to grow in high humid condition mostly, in the night.