Wild Herbs – A Very Useful Flora

Whenever we here the term something strikes like herbs those are untamed or not usual or not useful must be termed as “Wild herbs”. But it is not true. The distinct and the distinguishable characteristic of a plant or an herb are called wildness and the same species of the plant is called wild herb. Or more specifically they can be expressed as those herbs which are free from the impact of cultivation and are totally fresh.


Wild herbs can be found in many places; wherever we look we can locate any of the wild species of the herb. They can be found in forests, in meadows, in marshes, in fields, in isolated areas, along flowing streams, on the edges of towns and cities banks, ponds and bogs or swamps

Best season for harvesting

The first monsoon times are the best times for the blossoming of wild herbs. They are at their best during this time of the season. Everything including Wild leeks from Scotland, wild garlic, wild heracleum and the first wild sweet cicely are in abundance available in the market during this period. Though wild heracleum have now been started farming but still it retains significant wild properties of the same. Nettles are at their best while others continue coming till the end of June.

A Few Things a Wild Herbs Grower Should Know

First and foremost the collector should know the location and the most trustful place to locate wild herbs. This may sound very simple but this is the basis of herb collecting.

Another technique for a smart and intellectual gatherer is to seize a graphic of the herb in his mind, this way it becomes easier to identify the herb.

After proper identification only one can gather wild herbs. This is very important in the case of medicinal herbs. It depends on the fact that the medicine is to be applied externally or internally. One should always be aware of the appearance of the herbs before setting out of the house. It is best done when the tips are given by someone very reliable. This give a very intimate knowledge of all healing plants or the wild herbs found in your locale. This information is utilized when one makes plan for growing the wild medicinal herbs.

Right to Grow

There is a very indistinguishable and confusing issue of taming the wild herbs into small public lands or gardens. In principle it is illegal to take anything from national forest without a permit but still every year thousands of pounds of wild herbs are collected on public land and sold by professional wild crafters to the public interested in the quality.

In personal opinion growing of these wild herbs in controlled conditions yield better quality of products and it should be made legal.

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