Flower gardening: Making The Dream Garden A Reality

The love of flower gardening will lead many to dream up beautiful and stunning gardens in their minds that are just waiting for creative reality. One may need to search for the best flowers as well as be informed about growing information and knowledge would certainly play an important role in starting a flower garden. Of the many different flowers one would want to have in the garden, the rose would top many a list. The wonderful bloom that the rose gives will last throughout the year and make wonderful subjects for flower gardening.

The Allure Of Roses

Roses have an allure that gardeners find hard to resist and are often thought of as being elegant but demand a lot of care and are difficult-to-grow prima donnas of the garden. Flower gardening that involves growing roses is easy if one picks a strong as well as disease-resistant rose bush. The range of colors as well as forms of roses is many and so are their growing habits and sizes and shapes. Flower gardening that concerns growing a rose requires that the roses be given plenty of sun, has good soil and gets timely care, which include plenty of water and fertilizer as well as proper pruning.

Flower gardening of roses requires that the rose be planted in the cool and moist conditions of spring as well as fall and one must keep its roots moist prior to planting. The roots should be put in a hole that is deep enough and the planting hole should be back-filled with soil containing peat moss and manure that should be three quarter full. The planting hole may be finished by the addition of soil so that a mound forms over canes, for better protection to the rose plant.

Besides planting and growing various flowers, flower gardening also requires taking care of the garden which need not take up too much of one’s spare time in spring and summertime. Flower gardening may often end up a failure mainly because one is clueless about giving adequate care to the garden. Knowing the how, when and why of flower gardening is important and so is being out in the garden, as often as possible. Being about the garden will help to notice any problems in the garden and it enables the flower gardening person to have time to fix these problems in a timely manner.

Flower gardening requires knowing the basics of the climate, which soil is best and also how does organic gardening work and how to take care and maintain the garden. The flower gardening exercise would also entail knowing how to handle and know what the special garden situations are that are bound to arise, how to handle weeds and critters, and being water-wise in the care of the garden.

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Gardening Tip #7

Foliage plants usually have high nitrogen needs, while flowering plants, K2O is needed. Slow release fertilizers can be mixed with the compost. However, certain plants like cacti and orchids need special fertilizer. Feed plants during their most active growth period.